Bob Dylan’s new song

Don’t quite understand the attitude nor the point of view of Dylan’s last song. Elitism, anti-capitalism? I can’t see Kennedy’s murder as such a turning point, either. “Play darkness and death will come when it comes.” Would throwing in the towel, knowing it is what it is, be  “Murder Most Foul”? Of course, his encyclopedic knowledge of popular music, that for me (and much of his audience, probably) is a completely unknown territory. A question about this: Who is Wolfman Jack, his “Tambourine Man” in this song? (He was a famous dj, there’s an article in the Wikipedia about him). Another question: are all the songs’ titles in sections 4 and 5 real, or are some  of them  invented? (Someone in “Rolling Stone” researched this also: they are all real: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bob-dylan-murder-most-foul-jfk-references-974147).

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