Book Review – Confessions of a Terrorist

Confessions of a Terrorist
Author: Richard Jackson
Publisher: Zed Books London
Year of publication: 2014

In a claustrophobic concrete cell, two men face each other across a bare table. One is a wanted terrorist, the other a British intelligence officer. But this is no ordinary interrogation, and as they talk deep into the night and violent secrets are revealed, the line between interrogator and confessor begins inextricably to blur. Who then is the real terrorist? And will they pay for their guilt in blood?

The debut novel by world renowned terrorism expert, Richard Jackson. Confessions of a Terrorist is a provocative, tense and ultimately shocking portrayal of how far both individuals and governments are willing to go to defend their beliefs.

An excellent novel based on fact. I can say no more as I do not want to give any part of the story away.

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