Boondock Saints vs Dogma

   My brother and a sister recommended _Boondock Saints_ it was fun and all, the FBI opera guy was a riot. But they seemed to be bottom feeders. Even they’re cute little speech in the courtroom at the end – didn’t leave me with the impression they’d be going after Ken Lay or Rumsfeld for corporate crime. The closest thing I can thing of hinting at that was the scene in _Dogma_ where the board of directors is planning to sell harmful toys to children. The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck angels walk in an blow them all away. I remember being struck by that scene, can’t remember every having seen anything like it before.

   Of course it’s not structural change but if you’re going to watch a violent movie it might as well be aimed upwards. I thought _Snake Eyes_ with Cage had a little vision too, all this scandal comes out but things just go on, the stadium gets the bad corporation’s name on it in the end. That last scene. The body builders they had lounging around as construction workers weren’t very convincing though.

  I meant to comment on a fellow sustainers writings mentioning Boondock Saints but couldn’t find it again. Ended up with a blog post.

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