Bugzilla: Time for a bug management system?

 This weekend I plan on setting up a bugzilla server so that z users can log in their requests in a formal manner.  The advantages of using a bug tracking system are:

1.  A single place for users to log their complaints and issues

2.  A convenient system for organizing feature requests, and grouping together redundant requests (i.e. if issue 12475 is the same as 11623, it allows you to easily merge the two threads together).

3.  A searchable feedback system so that users can follow progress that is being made, and a history of issues.  Bugzilla also allows you to create subsections covering particular areas of the site.

4.  A prioritization system so that users can see what is getting priority

5.  A place for users to put feature requests.


Bugzilla is used to manage user feedback for quite a few large (open and closed source) projects.  I’ve noticed that the threads have been quite contentious, and bugtracking systems help to reduce that.  Users can go on to the site, and they can see,"there are two members of staff working on the bugs, and here’s what they’re doing to address them."  Such feedback does quite a bit to reduce redundant requests, and to assure users that there is followup.  My guess is that it make things much more constructive.

What does everyone think?  I already have a test version set up at home, but have yet to get everything up and running.  If the idea gets completely shot down, then I can put it on the back burner, otherwise, I could try to get something up and running soon.

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