Burn (cough, hack) Piles

One thing I noticed during my first winter in Juneau was that it seemed like half the houses had burn barrels or large burning spots in their yards. This despite our lovely dump located next to (pretty much in) the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge

Some people try to burn just about anything to avoid the dump fees. When my neighbor was doing some housecleaning he asked if we wanted his old futon. I told him that people have been trying to get rid of their uncomfortable futons since at least the mid nineties. The next day I notice lots of smoke in the air and there’s his futon, smoldering on his backyard burn pile (burning futons pictured below are not from my neighbor…his just sort of smoldered).

Construction sites are the worst. They pile up wet, gigantic tree stumps and then douse them with fuel and set them burning, sending massive clouds of smoke into the air. The picture below actually looks like fairly dry wood, not what you’d see in our rain forest.


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