Canadian attack: introductory events and consequences

Global condemnations have been followed in succession from throughout the world in a response to the Canadian attack at a Quebec City mosque, where six people were killed and eight wounded. But the statement of the Canadian prime minister was amazingly clear when he said that it is a ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’; this is unfamiliar to Muslims who are described as terrorists with every sunrise and sunset, they face exemplary punishment in airports and 220 millions of Muslims are prevented from entering the United States in an executive decision in its harshness, comprehensiveness and stupidity.

Reports of media mentioned that the attack was carried out by two Canadians; one of them is of Moroccan origin called Mohammed Khudair, after that reports have confirmed later that the main suspect is Alexander Bisonat.  He has handed himself to police after executing the attack. The reports said that the suspect is a political science student at a nearby University.

Before making official investigations, it is difficult to confirm what are the direct motives to attack the Islamic Cultural Center in the Canadian city, but the overall atmosphere that surrounds the globe, regarding Muslims, the fact that the attacked target is a mosque and Muslim worshipers who were in it and using a firearm that shoots to kill, all are elements bind the event with the big political and media incitement, which are directed, without equivocation, towards Muslims of the world.


Actually, what is happening now in the world has roots that deeply strike in the history of relations among Muslims, from the residents of the so-called Middle East, and feed on major events, which influence not only the current policies, but also the symbolic images of the followers of revealed religions that originated in the region.

At the core of these complicated symbolic images there are the conquestes, which were named Crusades by the West, to seize Palestine and the Arab Levant, as well as the wars to restore Andalusia from the Muslims, overthrow of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) by the Ottomans and their influence in the Mediterranean and Central Europe that led them twice to the walls of Vienna. It is a series, which continued when France Occupied Algeria, Maghreb countries, Syria and Lebanon, and Britain occupied Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and ending with the British Mandate for Palestine, which led to the emergence of Israel on the land of the historical Palestine and the endless consequent wars sit at the roots, upon all parties, all the historical, religious and political clashes that occurred during more than two thousand years made  the religious and non-religious find reasons and meanings, which are ancient and modern, for all what occurs.

The stability of Arab authoritarianism; the military type that pretends to be progressive and socialistic but it hide a stunning brutal encroach against its own people, or the conservative type, which covers itself with Sharia and tries to rotate the angles between modernity and moderation, with the West continuing tendencies of re-colonization and invasion of new countries claiming that they fight against terrorism, the supporting of the Zionist settlement in Palestine and the established alliance with repressive regimes, all the previous has provided amazing recipe to rise the degree of high-tension among cultures, religions and civilizations which made the word “terrorism”, among Arabic regimes and the “West”, replicable, without equivocation, with the Islam itself.

This great tendency has its mirror among the so called “Islamic state” and “al-Qaida”‘s followers and sympathizers who demonize the whole Western civilization, and antagonizing the cores of democracy and deep human values that are embraced by the Western civilization, making of them «Crusaders» and «infidel». Spreading into the Islamic body itself, these generalizations became a double-edged sword, the first is wielded by Western racist tendencies; to demonize Muslims and make them terrorists without exception, while the second is wielded by Jihadi extremist trends; to demonize the West and any suspicion of a relationship with its values, politically, socially and economically.

This crazy conflict has found its great goal in people like Trump and Putin, as with racist tendencies and personalities in the West like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, form that side, and the poles of political, religious and sectarian tyranny and despotism, like Bashar al-Assad, Abdulfattah Sisi, Nuri al-Maliki and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, from the other side, and this attack on the mosque in Canada is just an achievement of theirs and a spark of their fire that will not stop if the world remains as it is now.



Hussam Eddin Mohammad

Writer, Managing Editor of al-Quds al-Arabi Daily Newspaper (London, England)


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