Canadian Parecon Advocacy Group

I recently received the following message to the ZNet forum system from Matt Grinder who is a physics student at, I think, the University of British Colombia in Canada.

He writes: “A presentation on Participatory Economics we (the vancouver paercon collective (http://vanparecon.resist.ca/) did at UBC (local university) will be broadcast this Saturday (April 3rd) on Shaw Cable (Ch. 4) across the Lower Mainland at 2:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm. The program is Global Justice TV, a local interest program. It will be on their website as of this Sunday April 4th.”

He notes they have done four presentations so far and says he’d also “like to take this opportunity to hopefully start a discussion on the use of groups like ours. We’re basically a parecon interest group … [and] so far what we’ve done is hold workshops that ranged from 3 or 4 attendees to 20-25. All have been great lively discussions. We’ve also tabled or leafleted events like movies (the corporation documentary), activist conferences, or large demonstrations. The response to our informational leaflets and talks has been surprisingly positive.”

Why surprisingly? But that quibble aside, this is very nice news indeed.

Matt continues, “I think we’ve been doing valuable work by letting more people know about parecon and being a presence in the activist community, and starting discussions about economic and other vision. I think the existence of more groups like ours in other cities would be a great thing, so I’d like to encourage more people to try to form parecon interest groups if they want to. We’ve got resources on our website that people can modify to make their own material.”

He asks if anyone disagrees – I don’t. I love the idea.

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