“Cheap, frequent COVID tests could be ‘akin to vaccine,” professor says

I’m surprised there is not more interest in a logical solution that definitely works and is ready to produce now, far easier than an unproven vaccine that may or may not work. Great if it did, but even if it eventually does it will take years to have an effect, that is waves and waves away of more deaths re infections and a disintegrated hobbled society and economy.

Read this Harvard Gazette Article to find out more:

“Cheap, frequent COVID tests could be ‘akin to vaccine,” professor says

With this simple, cheap, self administered contagious test, produced free for everyone to do at home in 15 minutes every day, the virus when contagious will be discovered and isolated within a day wherever it is, soon it wont be able to spread, we can shut the virus down now reliably, starve it out perpetually, instead of just trying to slow it down and absorbing it each year hoping for some medieval immunity to develop, which really means waiting for everyone its going to kill, to get killed.

The materials needed to produce this simple saliva test, are in no way limited, it can be mass produced easily in huge numbers cheaply, probably something like 20cent a test once production gets rolling. Far cheaper and effective for the state to mass produce it and provide it free to everyone on an ongoing basis to shut this pandemic out and down now. Instead of just politely managing our collapse, as we wait for some maybe salvation which is what they’re only doing now here in Ireland. In USA everything is on hold until Hitler 2.0 is voted out. But this test has been produced there to, so well done, but its sadly just not been heard because of the louder Trump virus as he lobs on and encourages every evil impulse in the people, to distract from his burning Zeppelin of a fascist Presidency/Imperator. I hope as well as been successfully voted out he and many levering his power get real jail time for all their abuses and degradation of Humanity especially against the most vulnerable + the over 200.000 dead from Covid he flamed on.

I hope more people read of this better way ready to produce and achieve now together. Disintegration and hoping for a miracle cure, while elderly and vulnerable self imprison or run the gauntlet and economy and social life descends into a void, is not a good course to meander down. We need this solved now, so we can get back to solving all the other big problems we had already anyway!

 – besos Antonio

(When people where able to be together freely without the responsible need for masks and restrictions, at Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, March 17th 2016 – by Antonio Carty)

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