Children of War- The Democrati Republic of Congo

This is a report from Aljazeera on the child soldiers in The Democratic Republic of Congo, titled ‘Children of Conflict’. If you are not at all aware of this situation that is being allowed to happen in the Congo, or have not MET and HEARD the testimonies from the mouths of these children, and those who live their lives to help them, then I urge you to please watch. As a former female child soldier, a beautiful and courageous girl named Miss Madeleine, who was recruited at the age of 12 and subjected to carry out and have done upon her the most heinous crimes on the planet, said – "I don’t think the United Nations can really help us. I think the world owes us an apology for the irreversible crimes that have been done to us." She was 14 when she made her plea at the United Nations. Please meet these people of the DR Congo….

                                                                                     Children of Conflict - Congo - Part 1Part 1

                                                                                     Children of Conflict - Congo - Part 2Part 2

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