Cincinnati: Wage Theft Rally Sat., Feb. 21

Rally For Unpaid Wages

Saturday, February 21 at 12:30
Corner of Vine St. and Sheehan Ave. (three blocks north of Galbraith Rd.
in Hartwell)

Join twelve workers and the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center to stand together to demand unpaid wages of nearly $6,000. The twelve workers cleaned and painted for Charles Washington, allegedly for his Laborers of the Vineyard Ministry’s (LOVM) Thrift Shoppe. Weeks have passed without any of the workers receiving pay, and they are standing up demanding an end to the robbery.

Come and show support for the right of every worker to be treated with justice and to send a message to Charles Washington that Cincinnati will not tolerate thieving bosses.

The workers first approached Charles Washington, as a group, on February 9th, after individually being unable to collect their wages. The workers gave Charles Washington another two weeks to resolve this problem privately, but Mr. Washington failed to compensate the workers. “We have to tell the community that what is happening here is not right” says a former LOVM worker, “we just want the money that we worked for, that is all we ask”.

The failure to pay wages is a problem, particularly amongst the Cincinnati areas most vulnerable populations.

“Charles Washington represents a growing trend of employers who think that that because people are poor, because they are desperate, their rights can just be trampled.” said Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center Director Don Sherman, “But these workers aren’t weak or isolated, they are united and have the support of the community”.

“This is just the first step” said the former LOVM worker , “we will continue this fight until there is justice”

For additional information call the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center at (513) 621-5991 or visit

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