Comment on First DFW-PPS Meeting

Yesterday Stephanie Frizzell, Courtney Malone and I met at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth (huge thanks to Al for helping us out!!). I didn’t think we would use the whole two hours but we did. There’s still plenty to discuss and much more to learn about each other but I think they would agree that it went well.

We agreed by consensus to adopt the below Mission Statement and About Us. We also discussed Complimentary Holism.

I briefly mentioned a proposal I will eventually make – pending more discussion and consideration – to make the official website for the group on the website.

I hope more will attend and participate so we can make this a growing popular movement. Courtney asked about having the next meeting a month from now, so if anyone has any suggestions please let any of the administrators (Stephanie, Courtney and I) know.



Mission Statement:

We strive to develop and promote the kind of analysis, vision, and strategy that people need to work effectively for radical social change. Among the changes we seek are the elimination of all hierarchies and oppressions, including those based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, age and class.

We also seek to promote both institutional innovation and grassroots popular mobilization in order to advance our goal of a radically egalitarian post-capitalist participatory economy, and a society founded upon political and economic democracy and social and environmental justice.

About Us:

At the present time, the DFW-PPS describes its activities in the following way….

• The role of the DFW-PPS is to pursue three interrelated projects:

1. First, to establish a more visible presence for radical politics in DFW, by fostering discussion, dialogue and debate about radical social analysis and strategies for achieving radical social change.
2. Second, to foster the development of more effective radical activism, by organized skill-sharing, through workshops and training sessions, and knowledge-sharing, through continual collective discussion about dilemmas confronting people in their work and ongoing attempts to pool information and share insights.
3. Third, to serve as a catalyst for establishing new forms of collaboration on the wider left, for example, by organizing campaigns that tie together several different initiatives pursued by many different groups, on the basis that they are all fighting for a city that puts people before profits, and promotes social and environmental justice, as well as political and economic democracy.

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