Comment to Connelly

This is a comment to a column by Seattle Post Intelligencer’s Joel Connelly evaluating local politicians recent postiions:

I can’t believe I’m writing this: the mayor [Greg Nickels] receives raz AND kudos for his work on homeless support: he supported Rainier House [a new housing facility by DESC] during NIMBY in the [Rainier] valley, even as he hassles tent city residents. [NB the Mayor has been honored with tent cities being called "Nickelsville" around here.]

As for [Senator] Maria Cantwell, dukesantos [a commenter] is right to question what about her: she seems MIA, and only yesterday announced support for the prez "public option" in health care, after flippy flopping between here (yes) and Senator Baucus’s finance committee (nada). And what about net neutrality, a position she ought to be supporting? Hey we all care about the environment, but who knows what she really thinks? And her queries into Enron merit, but what about a Senate version of the transparency bill in the house? Does she have any convictions?

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