So, where are we?
Saddam Hussein was an Iran loving Shia Muslim who wanted to hand Iraq over to Iran.
No, that can’t be right, Iraq fought a war with Iran and received the West’s blessing and backing for the war.
So, Saddam Hussein must have been an Iran hating Sunni Muslim receiving his backing from Wahhabist Jihadist Saudi Arabia.
That would explain why Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were so close; blood brothers weren’t they?
Al Qaeda in Iraq and all of that.

I’m not sure about that; weren’t Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden sworn enemies on the grounds that one appeared secular and the other a religious fundamentalist?
With such doubts existing, the West had no alternative but to remove Sadaam Hussein, and his Baathist Party, from power. To make doubly sure that Iraq was not a threat anymore, it was also necessary to destroy the entire infrastructure of Iraq and liberate a million souls from their wretched bodies on this earth.
Thankfully, because of the West’s prompt action, Iraq became a peace loving democracy with daily hugging sessions taking place between the Sunni, Shia and Kurdish people.

Leaving just Iran and Syria for the West to worry about.

As an aside, Libya – always a cause for concern, had been well and truly sorted. Oh yes, no more Muammar Gaddafi to worry about or his government. Libya had become a multitude of militia.
Wonder where all the armaments from the conflict went to?

Surprisingly, Shia dominated Iraq became close to Shia dominated Iran. Can’t think how that happened.

Never mind, there’s always Syria.
Bashar Al-asaad an Iran loving Shia Muslim.
But the West does not trust Iran loving Shia Muslims; see Saddam Hussein above.
They are not Saudi backed Wahhabist Jihadists.
The West likes Saudi backed Wahhabist Jihadists; always has done.
Think of the Afghan Mujahadeen in the 1980s. They certainly didn’t rape and throw acid in the faces of women, did they?
So, if we destabilise Syria we weaken Iran and we don’t like Iran.
Saudi backed Wahhabist Jihadist don’t like Iran and don’t like Shia because they are Heretics, aren’t they?
So, we’ll support the Saudi backed Wahhabist Jihadists in the Syrian Bloodbath.
After all, they are the Free Syrian Army, aren’t they?

Now where were we?
Oh yes, Iraq. What’s going on there at the moment?
Who is this ISIS group? No need for concern there as they are Saudi backed Wahhabist Jihadists; our friends.
Remember, we supported them in Syria.
Although, I can’t remember us supplying arms in the quantities that they are currently deploying.
But what about our oil, is it safe?
And what the hell are the Kurds up to?
They’d better keep clear of our oil.
We protected them from Saddam Hussein remember?
The no fly zone. We bombed Baghdad for them, didn’t we?
Or did we bomb Baghdad because it was full of Al-Qaeda types?
But why would we bomb them in Baghdad but arm them in Damascus?

Oh, why is the Middle East so damn confusing?

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