Conscience Over Profit

Palestine needs Europe and the world’s solidarity in effective ways, so its good to hear a union in my own abuela Beazcochea’s Basque country has voted against its company’s attempted collaboration with the internationally condemned Israeli occupation. The workers council of Spanish train manufacturer CAF voted last month against participation in the Jerusalem light rail tramway to link Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to Jerusalem. Its a struggle for conscience over profit.

Here in Ireland our fraudulent minority ’Government of Ireland’ in perpetuitus, strategically communicating us on our ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, has tried to now spook-spin public opinion against the Irish Seanad’s (Senate) upcoming ‘Occupied Territories Bill‘ which was introduced by an independent Senator Francis Black and has now been supported by nearly all the other Senators across Ireland’s parties. Been reported round the world to be historic if it fully passes, its a bill that will begin an actual effective consequence to Israel’s illegal settlements economy.

But Simon Coveney our Tánaiste (Vice President), comfortable in peaceful Ireland, whose party never supported the bill, thinks we’ll have to drop it now, what with Irish economic worries over Brexit and all, theres a need ‘to support common EU trade policy’. Of course he does not consider having some integrity and trying to by example help lead EU to a new common policy in support of international law.

Instead of continuing to throw Palestine under the bus, we should support our Seanad’s Bill, as it continues to pass with a majority of senators and a wide public conscience of support, except from the minority government of Fine Gael’s.

We could ‘support common EU policy’ attempts to raise 3% tax on large corporate’s online trade. The Irish government almost now alone in Europe blocks that ‘common policy’ even what with Brexit and all? Is it far more important, we continue to make up these missing corporate taxes thru’ public austerity, sensibly soldiering on, leading Europe in a tax race to the bottom?

We must support a better funded society thru’ international solidarity and agreement and we must act thru’ this Seanad bill and others to stand up for Palestinian lives, society and justice.

What is the profit if we can’t afford a conscience?

(Dec.31st 2018, People on Ha’penny bridge Dublin in solidarity with Palestine)

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