Consciousness Pilots Our Evolution!

I was drawn in my spare time over last couple of weeks to re immersing myself in the stories of Cuba's faithful revolution (Still besieged) & Venezuela's building of democratic socialism & Bolivia's Union's President blessed by old PachaMama & all the south American peoples governments that have risen. I feel hope & conviction from this, which also makes me all the sadder at the loss of Hugo & Che & Allende, Victor Jara & all the good warm heros of my mothers tongue. We have their music & example to continue & weather the new attacks.


The new Pope is spanish speaking but was an opponent of liberation theology- I heard this, I still must confirm it. But I believe we must rock the boat & that Evolutionary Justice (If I may call Liberation Theology also that! ) is a vital struggle. Our consciousness, is the natural & vital Pilot of our species evolution, given free will to choose & if we don't rock the boat & struggle for a better just world then a worse & worse state of humanity will naturally evolve & in the end God & Jesus & all religions will be lost because they didn't speak out & involve themselves in our evolution to justice effectively. So what I wish the new Pope would see is that liberation theology will save the church & our world. 


Maybe the leaders of the church are not sincere though & wish instead to diffuse the progress of the peoples new south american socially centered democracies with a new spanish speaking, but status quo supporting, distraction. Who is 'radical' instead on less centraly important issues & old chessnuts of debate.


Here in Dublin I found my enjoyment of our annual Saint Patricks day parade soured badly by the fact that the parades controllers exercised this position to refuse permission for a parade float that would have honored a famous union organiser from the early 20th century by the name of James Larkin. (He led Irish workers during the massive Lockout of workers by the big rich & arrogant employer bosses in the Irish city capital of Dublin in 1913.)  Its ironic also for two reasons he's a national hero & has a mighty larger than life statue on our city centre main street with his two arms & hands raised as if raising us all up to the sky & the parade passed below this statue. Also it is ironic (as well as discraceful) that the reason they would not allow this float was that it did not fit in with this years "theme" of The Gathering. How can a person who tried to unite all the exploited workers in harder times than these not be fitting into the theme of The Gathering?! 


Anyway the picture I have presented with this blog is one of my recent large cave wall sized charcoal drawings & I call it Exodus Earth. The real refugees I drew in it are from Somalia.


More of my work can be found at:http://www.flickr.com/photos/antoniocarty/ 




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