Constructive Criticism to a Comrade

a fellow comrade in the net-war feels that oppression is "at an all time high" and that George Washington is a leader to look to over George Bush.

My response:

1) oppression is probably at its lowest. what radicals and labor organizers faced from the mid 1800s to the late 1930s was vastly more oppressive than anything we experience today. not to mention slavery, jim crow and extermination of native peoples.

2) George Washington was hated by many of his own men and is why he executed mutineers.

WE need to realize that:

a) WE have made plenty progress. the fact that we dont endure the hardships of our ancestors and take comfort in the rights and protections we have – even if we are not utilizing them and having their existence threatened, and

b) WE need to realize how WE did so. Social Organizing, popular movements, not being content with merely having rights but exercizing them and demanding more, and then..

c) WE need to realize that just like an athelete cannot stop exercizing and practicing once s/he reaches a certain skill level but must continue for the health and advancement of their body, we too, must continue our struggle. In evolutionary terms it is the Red Queen theory: "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." If we want to move ahead we must run even faster.

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