Contact the Egyptian Government!

We leave for Cairo tomorrow and i am packed and ready to go.  I continue to be both excited and nervous.  Already the program of our trip has changed pretty drastically.  We have heard that the Egyptian authorities have refused to allow us into Gaza because the border is "tense."  This border is always tense and all delegates to the march were well aware of this before deciding to participate.  Furthermore, the Egyptian government has revoked the permit for the Gaza Freedom March’s orientation meeting.  For now, it looks like we will be in Egypt for at least a few days highlighting the inhuman blockade and Egypt’s complicity in maintaining it.  I will tell you more as I know more.

Please take a moment to contact the Egyptian authorities to urge them to permit this nonviolent march in solidarity with the people of Gaza
to proceed.

Also, check this website to see if there are any solidarity actions taking place in your city.

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