Counterpunch Drops Bill Blum

Bill Blum, in his latest "Anti-empire Report", 


metioned that Counterpunch had dropped him. Brooks Kind and others, including me, sent emails asking for an explanation. Brooks was able to obtain an explanation from Counterpunch that rings true to me  – and demonstrates incredibly poor judgement on the part of Counterpunch. Below from Brooks Kind (posted on the Medial Lens message board):

Counterpunch drops Bill Blum

Posted by brooks on May 8, 2012, 1:48 am 

After exchanging a few emails with Jefrey St Clair of Counterpunch and Bill Blum, it looks as if Counterpunch dropped Blum's Anti-empire Reports because they didn't like the fact that other websites carried it as well.

St Clair: "We have carried Blum's writing for years. We have reviewed his books, always enthusiastically, we have linked to his site repeatedly, including today (we only received his A-E Report yesterday)…..For the past few months, however, Bill's columns have been reproduced by so many other websites by the time they get to us it's like reading yesterday's news–okay for Seinfeld episodes, not so good for online journalism. If Bill ever submits a piece for us, we'll certainly be happy to run it."

Blum submits his reports to Counterpunch and other websites simultaneously. When I asked St Clair how publishing articles by one of the world's leading authorities on US foreign policy in the world was detrimental to online journalism – regardless of where else they were published – he did not respond. I think Counterpunch might be a bit embarrassed about this decision and a little pressure might help nudge them in the direction of retracting it. You can reach Jeffrey St Clair/Counterpunch at:



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