Cousin Marriage: Shaking Off the Shame

Who says cousin marriage is wrong? Who says it’s not a legitimate political issue?

I am supposedly on blogging hiatus right now, but I just had to announce the arrival of this awesome new article from the New York Times by writer Sarah Kershaw.

WHEN Kimberly Spring-Winters told her mother she was in love, she didn’t expect a positive response — and she didn’t get one.

“It’s wrong, it’s taboo, nobody does that,” she recalled her mother saying.

But shortly after the conversation, Ms. Spring-Winters, 29, decided to marry the man she loved: her first cousin.

Shane Winters, 37, whom she now playfully refers to as her “cusband,” proposed to her at a surprise birthday party in front of family and friends, and the two are now trying to have a baby. They are not concerned about genetic defects, Ms. Spring-Winters said, and their fertility doctor told them he saw no problem with having children.

This article contains a lot of new and previously unearthed material, including quotes from cousin couples and also Representative Harvey Hilderbran, who authored the recent Texas statute in 2005 banning cousin marriage.

Those interested should also check out the new cousin marriage Wikipedia page that I have updated in the past few days.

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