Cyclists Gone Wild

Over a month ago, i talked to a friend of mine about a new event coming up in St. Louis.  S/he said there was going to be a Naked Bike Ride through the city, which received my question: "Why?"  S/he said it was "to promote awareness of oil dependency," to which, I responded, "So, how effective do you think it will be?  Do you think riding through the City naked will be productive?"  S/he looked at me confused, smiled, and asked, "What do you mean?" 


I responded, "This just seems like it can't accomplish anything, and only further promotes the idea to the rest of the population that the Left is from Planet-X, and only comes out of the woods to offend and/or confuse them." 

He said, "This'll be fun!  Plus, we're promoting positive body image." 


The conversation was going nowhere, so i didn't bother asking how this would promote body image; i sure as hell wouldn't feel comfortable getting out in front of everyone naked, and i won't, until we gain control of mass media. 


Today (Saturday, August 2), the event was held.  They did a last minute change of starting location, i guess to confuse the police.  My friend seemed to think police could "not arrest 200 people," though, the police were called out and alarmed about the event yesterday.  When they arrived, apparently, the cyclists acted shocked that police were there.  The event's location was technically illegal; they did not book a pavilion in the park, and just picked one they wanted and publicized it; the one they picked was next to a Catholic children's elementary school picnic–SMOOTH!!!

They went ahead with the bike ride, and the news covered it, just as i assumed they would. They interviewed citizens, scratching their heads, saying, "What cause!?"  It's a legitimate question.  More hip liberal greeny hippies showed up to this event than any of the anti-war demos lately.  Yet, the "cause" seemed to be nothing more than a confused excuse to "show what you got".  Although, the most sexually comfortable (already perceived as attractive) were the only people who "let it show". 

As i watched KSDK tonight, they ended the story asking, "I guess we'll just have to see how productive these demonstrators' actions have been tomorrow when we look at the gas prices." 

Whether we agree with the news reporter's criticism or not, we need to expect to be covered in this way.  The Naked Bike Riders should expect to be laughed at by a confused audience, and they should expect to scare away any potential mass support their movement may have had.

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