Defend OWS

I am in Barcelona heading to Madrid. It is morning here, but not yet in New York. Bloomberg would like to end disruption of business as usual. We want to end business as usual. It is that simple.

Perhaps elites decided that trying to coopt the Occupy movement was hopeless. I think that would be astute of the. Or perhaps Republican elites decided they should obstruct Democratic elites from even trying to coopt the energy and desire. Or perhaps they are feeling the waters, seeing if there is real support, and will back down as it becomes obvious there is Mainly, it just doesn’t matter what is in elite minds.

All that matters for Occupy Wall Street, for U.S. occupations, and truly for a huge number of people around the world feeling entwined with each other and with emerging American dissent, is how people respond.

I wish I was there. I can only add a voice from abroad. Others far away should do the same. But for those near New York who oppose poverty and impoverishment as a policy, who oppose racism and racial denigration as a policy who oppose sexism and gender domination as a policy, and who oppose the vile displays of arrogant power all too typical of those who claim to govern, this is a crucial time.

If enough people show up on Wall Street, there will be no way to clear it. They are unlikely to even try. Struggle will enormously escalate in scale and comprehension, not only there but all over the U.S. If too few arrive in time and Wall Street is cleared by mass arrests, no need to despair. The only need will be to reoccupy it, again and again. Same result, movement growth. Their loss, our gain.

Strategy and tactics are often complex, but now the arrogance of the rich and empowered has simplified the situation. We need only turn out, thwart or welcome arrest, and turn out more, and this will be a gigantic people’s victory and a boost for occupation in New York, all over the U.S., and around the world. 

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