Dignity Building

Caracas, Feb 10 ABN (Hugo Chavez Frias) – February keeps moving on, always as a rebel.  And the Bolivarian Government also keeps on its march, promoting the Simón Bolívar National Project together with the people and workers.

 Last Friday, we launched the credit plan of this year with an amount exceeding U.S. $ 4.1 billion.

 These credits are granted to cooperatives, small businesses, small and mid-sized industries, community economy, social and economy through the new public financial system at very low rates of between 6 percent and 12 percent annually.

 It is a really big change in Venezuela thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution!  Nobody here provided credit support to small businesses, especially to cooperatives.

 Everything was in the hands of savage capitalism and its speculative voracity.  That is over here in Venezuela!  And that’s precisely what we are going to preserve with the Yes vote on February 15th!

 The following day, Saturday, February 7th, we went again into the deep of Petare (neighborhood in eastern Caracas), that huge, cheerful, beloved and rebellious district.

 We hiked its noisy streets and while we were going up, I remembered that renowned petareño (inhabitant from Petare) called Cesar Rengifo and his burning look:

 "Listen up everybody,
 Gunpowder and Stormy Bring a horse by the Bridle
 Because waking up is Ezequiel Zamora,
 And there’sa storm
 in the way "

 Who doubts it, Caesar?  There’s a storm in the way!

 Up there, in La Bombilla (in Petare), we held the assembly.  We started the program of support to Community Councils, Community Banks, Technical Round Tables, that is to say, to the People’s Power.  It is the Mission April 13th!

 The 2009 goal is $ 2 billion.

 In this case, we granted nearly 93 million only to Community Councils for the substitution of ranchos (type of dwelling or shack unimproved) and rehabilitation of thousand houses!

 The revolution, as Kléber Ramirez used to say, must produce dignity beyond science and food.  The socialist missions were created with that goal.

 This had never been seen in Venezuela until the Revolution arrived.

 And that’s precisely what we are going to look after and re-boost next Sunday, February 15th with the Yes vote!

 Later, when we were going down, as the sun was setting, Petare burst with joy and passion for the Homeland.  And there, in the distance, among the people’s tide, I thought I saw Cesar Rengifo Gunpowder and Stormy riding a horse with a network and flag up high: Uh, ah, the people GOING!

 And on Sunday February 8th, we went to Falcon state, where Ezequiel Zamora and John Chrysostom Federal Falcón the Revolution started 150 years ago:

 "Free land and men,
 Popular election
 Horror to the oligarchy. "

 We inaugurated the Western Bolivarian Aqueduct after five years of hard work.  The statement delivered by Juan Liscano (Venezuelan poet, folklorist, writer and critic) will no longer be true: "This land is dying of thirst."

 Water, water for the people!

 The aqueduct spans 150 kilometers, from Maticora to Punto Fijo, with a state-of-the-art water treatment plant in Buchivacoa, and it allows us to provide drinking water to over 600,000 people on the coast of Falcón.

 Only the Bolivarian Revolution could take drinking water supply to over 90 percent of the Venezuelan population in ten years!

 And this is what we are really going to take care of, preserve and strengthen by voting Yes on February 15th.

 Later we moved on to Zulia state and arrived in Lagunillas under the sun and tons of people.  And finally, we arrived in Maracaibo and visited a parish called Christ of fighting Aranza overflow and their neighborhoods.

 But, my fellow country men and women, let’s not forget: The big challenge we have now is to turn this mass into Yes votes, worthy to continue building the homeland, the socialist society.

 Let’s go, everybody.  Let’s go with everything.  The double attack Armored must be overwhelming.

 Yes, yes, yes!

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