Do we need a new organisation? Yes!

What is the purpose of creating a new organisation? Isn't the left already fragmented enough? Does setting up a new organisation warrant the time and energy needed?

These are important questions to address, however, I believe there are very strong reasons for why such an organisation as the one outlined in the poll is needed that overcome problems with traditional organising, and I encourage anyone motivated in winning a new society based on humanistic values to explore the details, consider the content and take the poll.

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We need to build a movement whose members have shared objectives, values and importantly a vision of where it wants to go including proposing new institutions that further the values, a vision that is flexible, subject to continual review based on new insights and that is understood and shaped by its members rather than from a central elite.


Organising around a vision will orient and guide our strategic and tactical choices today. We need to not only equip ourselves with a thorough understanding of power relations in society today but also put serious thought into developing an alternative in order to make effective  decisions in our actions and approaches we take today.

Holistic Approach

Instead of focusing on one area of oppression in social relations we need a movement that takes a holistic approach that recognises oppression in all dimensions of social life, based on gender, sexuality, class, race and the influence they have on each other.

Talks the talk and walks the walk

It is important that we not only promote the positive values we organise around but we implement them in our own structures. A vision can inform how we operate within our organisation to serve as a way for us to put into practise our new structures but also serve as an example to the wider society of a viable and appealing alternative.

Enrichment and Development

We need an organisation that empowers and enriches the lives of its participants. That from taking part impoves their lives, fulfills their needs, builds their confidence in learning new skills through the support of others and through the experience of engaging in participatory structures.


We need a movement with a sense of direction. I believe such an organisation and the body of work around participatory society can bring together individuals fighting for a better world to work together around a set of shared goals, values and vision.

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