Does Reuters shill for Corporations that sell Baby Formula in Venezuela?

I couldn’t resist making the title to this blog post as wildly dramatic and accusatory as the headline to this Reuters article:

Venezuela considers taking bottles from babies' mouths

Apparently, Venezuelan law already promotes breast feeding over bottled formula.  The Venezuelan legislature will be debating ways to strengthen the law through undisclosed “penalties”. Reuters doesn’t know the details by their own admission.

Will it be proposed that police swoop into people’s homes to wrench baby bottles out of mothers' hands as the headline suggests? Or will the legislature debate if hospitals or doctors be penalized for promoting formula over breast milk?

Reuters hasn’t a clue but why wait to find out? Why wait to report on what is actually debated?

Reuters must believe that there is a dire shortage of articles in the international press demonizing and lampooning the Venezuela government and that Reuters must fill that gap immediately.

In contrast, Reuters is in no rush at all to report government concessions to Capriles regarding the disputed presidential election.

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