Don Roberto Soto Sola, another important Judge in Santiago de Compostela (iv)

BTW, I might be in serious trouble. My wife, yes, my ex, went this morning to the Court, to ask for a forensic to examine me. As a result of my last 2009 psychiatric admission, I’m partially dispossessed of my civil rights, and she is in charge of having me take my meds, and not throw away my money. BTW, my 2009 last admission took place, because I dared to doubt in a burial of the vote counting, she wasn’t yet in charge of nothing, and she wrote an incredible letter, no, she made an amazing bitchy statement, someone took care, the Secretary, to write down, so that the Judge, of course got me into that place, just on her word, without even having me checked by anyone. Roberto Soto Sola. As I posted SAD, the guy in the grey blazer: https://www.elcorreogallego.es/movil/hemeroteca/ocho-jueces-cubren-jornada-periodistas-correo-ECCG175247

Well. We’re divorced since a couple of years. A divorced partner just can’t be a tutor. My lawyer’s wife will accept the role, almost free of charge. They will fight for that, they and a third guy, a representative ad litem. But I’m scared. She says Saani won’t ever be able to leave her country, that she has her influence, her contacts, too. My wife? SAD. My ex?
Don Roberto Soto Sola site. He pretends to be  some kind of “family judge.” He intends to form a judges’ network against male domestic violence. He just hates, it seems, the Ministry of Equality here.
Yes. I think I have a doc that might fuck him forever. My wife, Yolanda Garcia Lopez, not yet my tutor, asking him not adducing anything more than her paranoia my psychiatrical admission, and him accepting that. His Secretary, at the Court of First Instance Number 6, his place, stated everything is happening in front of his SSa, His Honour. Of course, there’s no sign. Just some scribbles, and a number. We might have a look at that tomorrow.

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