Among the hottest questions circulating between people who have dared to venture into Duelferland, and managed to find their way back out again, are two: Did the official Report of the Knight Errant to the Director of Central Intelligence on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction assign a role to Lee Harvey Oswald in this psycho-historical allegory about the Baghdad regime’s strategic intent towards WMD decisions over time? And, if not Oswald—then whom?

Was it the Namibians who almost pushed the Baghdad regime over the top during the oil-for-food program, 1996-2002? How about the Indonesians? No. It was the North Koreans. Surely the North Koreans. Right? And what about the French? The Russians? And the Belarusians? They all must have been complicit in this somehow. Then, too, the Turks. The Canadians. The Japanese. The Dutch. The Swiss.

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