“Early elections” rallying cry of coup supporters in Latin America

“Early elections” were advocated by Washington and US apologists in 2002 to consolidate the coup that briefly ousted Hugo Chavez. It’s way to sound like you’re for democracy while actually seeking to consolidate the overthrow of a democratically elected government. If you oppose a coup then you demand the restoration of the government that was overthrown. It’s that simple.

Bogus human rights groups (echoing the US government) calling for “early elections” led to the US-perpetrated coup against Aristide in Haiti in 2004. In that case, the “early elections” (which ended up being very late elections) were held after two years of murdering thousands of Aristide’s supporters. The cleanest elections that Haiti had over the past two decades (by far) were the ones held in 2000 that were discredited by “human rights groups” and the OAS – the same crowd we are supposed to trust about events today in Nicaragua.

“Early elections” were held in Honduras in 2009 – as Hilary Clinton bluntly explained – to render “moot” the small question of President Zelaya’s ouster by the US-funded Honduran military.

More recently, in Venezuela, “early elections” were again the rallying cry for quite some time until it was discovered last year that thanks to the opposition leadership’s internal divisions, tactical stupidity, and overall repulsiveness to much of the public (including those who have soured on Maduro’s government), those elections would not be won. The rallying cry then became to DELAY the elections to help the opposition regroup.

Whatever you think of Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua, if you look at Latinobarometro polls from 2017 (and the country’s macroeconomic data over the past 11 years) there is absolutely no reason to doubt that Ortega won the most recent presidential elections (of 2016) by a landslide. If Ortega’s isn’t a democratically-elected president then no such person exists anywhere in the world.

What about human rights abuses under Ortega? Don’t those warrant “early elections”? Westerners who believe that should lead the way by holding “early elections” in their own countries (Canada, USA, UK etc…) based on human rights abuses there. Let me know how that works out, especially if scores of people are killed by foreign-backed protestors in countries where alleged email hacking gets equated to Pearl Harbor.

Supporting calls for “early elections” in Nicaragua will encourage more violent Washington-backed groups, with the usual help from the corporate media throughout the region and corrupt NGOs, to seek to achieve through violence what they could not achieve at the ballot box.

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