El Nacional, anti-government newspaper, has 11th ranked website in Venezuela; Alexa

I’ve written a lot about how much fierce opposition to the government is regularly expressed in Venezuela’s largest TV networks and newspapers. Western media and big NGOs have been relentlessly pushing the opposite view for almost two decades. Freedom of expression in Venezuela is constantly dying a rapid death according to them. Wouldn’t it be totally dead years ago? How can it still be dying?

Anyway, one claim has been that plucky internet sites (like RunRunes) are working around the Maduro government’s censorship. One of many problem with that claim is that the 11th most viewed website in Venezuela is El Nacional’s –  the website of a stridently anti-government newspaper with a daily print circulation of 80,000. Relative to Venezuela’s population that is larger than the circulation of the L.A. Times – the fourth largest newspaper in the United States.



Also, material from anti-government sites like Runrunes is all over even larger circulating newspapers than El Nacional – like El Universal. Here is just the latest sample – alleging fraud in October regional elections.

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