Email to Guardian’s Rory Carroll RE Venezuela

RE: Venezuela attacks report suggesting ties between Chavez and Farc rebels
Dear Rory Carroll

This article does not provide crucial information about the group that made allegations against the Chavez government – the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). 
Francisco Dominguez just pointed out in the New Statesman:

“The IISS role in the creation of the dodgy dossier on Iraq is clear. In September 2002 it launched 'Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Net Assessment', which made spurious claims about 'the threat posed by Iraq's programmes to develop nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as well as ballistic missiles', including that "the retention of WMD capacities by Iraq is self-evidently the core objective of the regime…..

One common thread between the authors of the dodgy dossier on Iraq and its Latin American counterpart is Nigel Inkster, IISS director of transnational threats and political risk. He oversaw its 'Farc files' report. Inkster was deputy director of MI6 in the lead-up to war with Iraq. He was 'part of the team monitoring chemical and biological weapons proliferation, including Iraqi attempts to procure such material'. It was under his deputy directorship that MI6 was instrumental in creating the now-infamous 'dodgy dossier' on WMDs to sell the Iraq war to the British public.”[1]
For years, your reports have repeated allegations against the Chavez government while ignoring readily available information that would cast serious doubt on them.
Joe Emersberger

[1] The FARC Files: Iraq "Dodgy Dossier" Authors Strike Again
By Francisco Dominguez – New Statesman

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