Email to Newsweek Re Venezuela

Email to Newsweek Re Venezuela

RE "Despite Massacre, Chávez Fueling Friendship With Syria

Dear Mac Margolis

I notice you stated in this piece that Hugo Chavez is Venezuela’s “strongman”,


a term you also used in this piece to describe Fidel Castro


You are quite obviously alleging that Chavez is a dictator. How can your reporting have any credibility when you spread such a falsehood?

You also refer to Chavez’s reelection prospects as “dimming” (which, by the way, contradicts your allegation that Chavez is a “strongman”. How can a “strongman” ever have “dimming” re-election hopes?).

Moreover, haven’t you even read corporate media accounts of the election campaign in Venezuela?
A Reuters article from May 10 reports that Henrique Caprilies Rodonski – Chavez’s opponent – is far behind in most polls and it quotes opposition sources blasting him for his “boring” campaign.


As for your remarks about Syria, are you unaware of your own governments’ arms shipments (not oil shipments) to Saudi Arabia – one of the most backward and brutal regime’s on earth? Have you ever considered how your own government would deal with foreign supplied armed insurgents on its own soil? The torture of Bradley manning, carried out in broad daylight by your commander in chief, should give you some ideas – as should the violent crackdown on the Occupy camps.

Joe Emersberger


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