Emily Thornberry is very misinformed about Venezuela 

At the UK Labour party conference, Emily Thornberry, who I continue to like and believe to be well-intentioned, said the following: 

“From Venezuela to The Philippines we see the rule of law ignored and originally democratic governments turning into increasingly autocratic regimes,” 

If Venezuela were as “autocratic” as the UK then western media darlings like Leopoldo Lopez, Julio Borges, Henrique Capriles and Maria Cornia Machado among many others would never have been heard from again after April of 2002. What happens to people in the UK who participate in the violent ouster of the government and the kidnapping of officials? These people just got done their fifth major attempt to overthrow the government by force. 

I’m very glad Corbyn is fluent in Spanish.

He can watch Leopoldo Lopez’s wife, Lilian Tintori, rip into the government at length in solfballed interviews on Venezuela’s largest TV networks. 

In July, Tintori (on Venevision) said numerous times during the interview that the “regime” “tortured” her husband while he was in prison. The interviewer was extremely sympathetic as you could tell, even if you don’t speak Spanish, simply by noting that Tintori was not badgered and interrupted.  Tintori also said that “Human Rights Watch placed Leopoldo’s case on a global level as the demonstrative example of severe torture”.

In May, in even longer interview on Globovision, Tintori talked about the “repression of the regime” and “crimes against humanity ordered by Nicolas Maduro”, “the worst repression in our history” etc…

Of course when it isn’t Tintori saying stuff like this on TV and in newspapers, other opposition people do so every single day.  

In this op-ed yesterday in El Universal, the head of Venezuela’s most widely cited pollster (Datanalsiis) likened Venezuela’s government to a kidnapper.

You only have to spend a wee bit of time sampling Venezuela’s media to gasp at the outrageousness of Thornberry’s remark.

Come on Emily. You know how dishonest the UK’s establishment media are at home. How honest do you think they are about foreign countries where their work is way more difficult for the general public to fact check?






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