Enough with the Christopher Hitchen’s worship

I woke up this morning to a barrage of twitter and facebook postings mourning the death of a rich white man known as Christopher Hitchens. 

While I mean no disrespect to the man himself, I think it is dangerous to place post-left celebrities on pedestals while millions if not billions of people world wide suffer from the actions of Global Capital. 

We are creating a new world without states, market, money, or private property. Instead of worrying about dead 1%ers who happened to take pity on us, lets work on creating a world based on common ownership of the means of productioin, direct democracy and horizontal networks of voluntary associations and workers councils. In other words; SMASH THE STATE! 

We are dismantling an old world which, if we are honest with ourselves, Christopher Hitchens would have ultimately wanted to keep because of his white male, economic privilege. 

If the overprivileged want to join us, they can do it as equals not celebrities. 

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