Entering the realm of Z

I’m not much of a political activist, and it is mostly a coincidence I’m here.

It started less than a year ago, when I made an anonymous blog on a popular Danish site, which exposed me to other average people’s opinions, and I started following the news, after hardly doing so for years.

That was disturbing. I found that many people are disoriented, have no firm human values (except for towards their closest kin), and willingly suck up political propaganda and biased/negative news against "terrorist regimes" and immigrants.  In fact the ruling majority in Denmark have such people as voters.

I ended here because another Danish blogger linked me to the film "The War on Democracy" by John Pilger on freedocumentaries.org. Then somehow I got on to reading some articles by Noam Chomsky, and that led me to zcommunications. I was impressed by the quality of the articles, and chose to become a sustainer for that reason. It was not my intention to start a blog or a zspace, but since the staff encourages it, I’ll give it a go and see where it leads.

I am not completely comfortable with socialism seemingly being the ideologi here, I’ve always been a mixed economy guy. Capitalism has led to a wasteful imperialist rat race, which does bother me a lot. Some of it seems due to the perverse world leadership of the U.S., and amazingly dumbed down voters all over the western world seem to consistently elect leaders who are American lap dogs.

I hope we can change that, and make humanism the new world order. Nobody should be indifferent to other people suffering or being mistreated.

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