Epitaph for Richard Holbrooke

I am very sorry to learn that Richard Holbrooke has died. Because I fully intended to bring him to Justice and get him criminally indicted for the genocidal massacre at Srebrenica on behalf of my clients, the Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja.


It was Holbrooke who deliberately sacrificed Zepa and Srebrenica in order to produce Dayton’s genocidal carve-up map. Holbrooke was the Father of the genocidal statelet known as Republika Sprska. Holbrooke was the Destroyer of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Holbrooke was an Accessory Before, During and After the Fact to the Extermination of 8000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, which the International Court of Justice ruled was genocide in violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention. Holbrooke shall live in Infamy as a Genocidaire.


In his classic work The Phaedo, Plato has his hero Socrates comment upon the transmigration/reincarnation of souls. With respect to Holbrooke, Socrates said as follows:


“And those who have chosen the portion of injustice, and tyranny, and violence, will pass into wolves, or into hawks and kites;–whither else can we suppose them to go?”


Let Socrates’ words of wisdom serve as Holbrooke’s Epitaph and Fate.



Professor Francis A. Boyle


General Agent for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the International Court of Justice


Attorney for the Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja

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