Evolution VS Creationism





Creationists function like flat earth society members, holocaust deniers, warmongers, death penalty advocates, slave owners, and racists.  They are ignorant of the facts like Ted Haggard when someone told him his congregation reminded them of a “Nuremburg” rally and he mumbled ignorance of the term.  I know they are subject to propaganda because they teach each other their recycled baloney.  To them, evolution is full of gaps and therefore in error.   The fact is fossils are not needed to prove evolution within a reasonable doubt.  The truth is fossils are a bonus but they leave gaps, much to the glee of the creationists.  Recently, I heard Richard Dawkins give an explanation of this phenomenon. 


A detective comes to the scene of a crime and so he is not an eye witness, but, there are plenty of clues.  A woman has been shot in her library.  Fingerprints, footprints, DNA on the pistol, and a strong motive all point towards the butler.  An open and shut case and everybody in the court room is convinced that the butler is the evil doer.  But, a last piece of evidence is suddenly and theatrically discovered in time to present to the jury.  Somebody remembered the lady of the house had installed spy cameras so the court watched the film with bated breath.  One camera shows the butler clearly opening a drawer, taking out the murder weapon, loading it, and creeping out with a malevolent gleam in his eye.  You might think the case is solidified against the butler, however, the astute defense attorney notes there was no camera in the library or in the corridor leading to the crime scene, therefore, the lawyer explains, “There is a gap in the video record.  We do not know what happened after the butler left the pantry.  There is clearly insufficient evidence to convict my client.” .  But, the prosecutor says there is another camera located in the billard room, filming through a slit in the door to the hall, showing the butler creeping down the corridor .  But, the paid defense attorney exclaims that now there are TWO gaps in the evidence creating even less testimony against his client.


The point is: there are some things that are plainly wrong.  Creationism.  Slavery. Profit on healthcare.  War.  Bribery.  The death penalty.   Abortion…

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