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I am a daily Facebook user. I have been a Z sustainer for about 5 years or so, first using the original LBBS.

I do not use ZCom everyday. I would like to, but I get my left commentary from a variety of sources and end up posting my favorites on my FB page. The sources I use are left wing email lists. ZCom simply lacks the content that I get from these other sources. I don’t expect ZCom to compete with that, but there it is.

The reason I don’t post articles I read onto ZCom is that it isn’t really how ZCom seems to work. I could just paste links as blog entries, but what’s the point in that? On FB, I am posting to dozens of folks, many of whom are not radical or progressive. They often tell me that the appreciate my content, even argue with me about it if they don’t appreciate it. ZCom is far more homogenous.

I also blog occasionally on FB, not always political, though often so. I usually get immediate feedback to my blogs there. I have posted about a dozen blogs here and gotten much less feedback.

I do wish that the email forums were working. I read email constantly, even at work, so that would get me more directly linked to ZCom. I also wonder if there would be a way to get an email feed? I mean as articles are posted to ZCom, is it possible to set it up that I get notified every time an article is posted?

Anyway, those are my first comments. I don’t know if this blog will get noticed, but I will try to broadcast it somehow.

Peace! Charley




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