Fidel was a protector of liberty not its obstacle.

Some on the ‘left’ have been using the occasion of Fidel Castro’s death, just like the incoming trump has, to call for an end to the Cuban Revolutionary Leadership and that with these figures out of the way the Cuban People will finally be free to be free and that any on the left who admired and respected Fidel are under a double standard as he was a brutal repressive dictator.

Here is my response, to that assertion of which I disagree. I include first a link to an extract from Noam Chomsky’s book ‘Hegemony or Survival, Metropolitan Books, 2003′ which documents the USA’s war Of terror since 1959 against the people of Cuba & their revolutionary sovereignty and example to the world. This short extract at least, is vital reading for anyone sincerely trying to understand the particular reality of the Cuban people’s situation.


To equate support for those who have protected the Cuban People’s revolutionary democracy with instead a support for repression and imprisonment of Cuban people’s mind’s and live’s expression is not true. The Cuban leader is unelected but their state has been under constant attack, sabotage and siege since it rose in a successful people’s revolution in 1959. This is a terrible reality well documented in Chomsky’s article linked above. But the sincerity of the Cuban revolution led by Fidel can best be proved in its achievements.

They have a grassroots private ballot elections for the delegates to the People’s provincial Assemblies and for the members of their national Parliament. With many levels of public participatory forums that lead to consensus thats then carried forward by elected representatives for particular population areas. People in a municipality will prepose and nominate their own candidates not pick what they are given by a vested party. This is seen by many as a step ahead of other democracies.

They have universal free full and world respected social services and welfares. In education, housing, health care, high employment in wide amount of diverse professions, high achievements in arts, sports and culture. They are the first nation in world during the 1990’s to become, thru’ their remarkable human ingenuity and community effort environmentally self sustainable.

The Cuban people are vocal in seeking progressive society. They have voter turnout in high 90s %. Unlike the falling voting levels and despair in our corporate dominated politics and societies. A few years ago one municipalities’ people proposed and elected the first lesbian to represent them in their assembly. As in other societies these openings in peoples attitudes to identity progress gradually.

This all has developed and been protected by their revolutionary armed forces and leadership and the necessary vigilance of their people. Their superpower neighbour, the so called ‘leader of the free world’ has tried to maliciously imprison and restrict them in embargo and blockade both material and political and has waged an unrelenting war of terror targeted against the cuban people since their free popular revolution in 1959. This war has been led by successive USA leaders and their lobbies and agencies foreign and domestic. If we look at any, of the other Caribbean nations that have openly allowed the USA’s Endowment for Democracy to fund opposition parties and set up USA sponsored propaganda media in their countries. We see with out exception that as soon as their people’s democratic choices become contrary to USA’s interests and corporations, then those governments have suffered a formula of sham protests & news media that lead to illusory pretexts for violent coups. Resulting in the arrest or murder of the peoples elected leaders, followed by violent crackdowns and its back to their country been run for the wealthy and in USA’s interests with reductions of the citizens rights and the impoverishment of their societies own interests and welfare.

This happened in Honduras in 2009, USA was first to recognise and approve the coups leaders as they imprisoned the elected leader. In Haiti in 2004 their elected leader was kidnapped and flown away by foreign special forces, because he proposed some moderate economic resolutions in his nations interests not the USA’s and global capitalism’s. In San Salvador and Dominican republic USA supported coups and capitalist backyard slave economies. In 2002 Venezuela had a USA backed coup that failed. In Brazil this year the elected leader has been removed by criminals in what many say is a coup and supported by USA and its interests in more control. All the world is in danger of coup and subversion by the USA’s Imperial Doctrine of Manifest ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. Ever since Cuba began with its brave early revolution to crumble the lies of the USA’s empire. They have never forgiven Cuba for that & will wipe out its sovereignty and democracies authenticity as soon as they are allowed. This is why Cuba has had to remain in a state of protection as a con sequence from USA aggression. To demonise Castro for remaining to protect and keep the revolution secure is to play perfectly into the propaganda narrative of the real threat to Cuban liberty the USA who’s strategy is to pretend their enemy is Castro & the leadership. But the documented evidence shows they have in reality always waged a war in many forms of murdering terror, subversion, sabotage and blockade against the Cuban people on the island. So clearly can it be evidenced all around this robust but ‘blockade hampered’ society of Cuba the USA empire has impoverished the other nations because it could.

Now with this new corporate fascist leader of USA coming in, who supports in his appointments every violent rich exploitative lobby group he can. Cuba’s democracy now needs our support more than ever, not a leadership demonisation and amputation. Where then defrocked it may better enter a rape marriage with trump?

Those critical of this support for Fidel and the Cuban revolution have characterised it as hagiographic idolatry and foolish romanticism. But it is not, it is practical admiration for Castro’s fidelity to his people’s revolution. He has under siege protected the essential of his people’s achievements from absolutist USA malice. That is reality not romanticism. Cuba’s democracy has managed to endure and develop and inspire the other peoples of the world under an unbelievably bitter cruel and deceitful USA led adversity. While other nations around her fall into hopeless poverty, Cuba in its blockaded shortages has prospered in so many exemplary ways, this is thanks in a big way to the unique life’s work of Fidel Castro, to acknowledge that in this week of his death is not hagiography it is fair and practical respect for a man who has inseparably thru’ his peoples great efforts lifted Cuban dignity in the minds and hearts of all the world!

But of course what would be the happiest future for the Cuban People would be for the USA to lift their blockade embargo, which is condemned by all the other nations of the world community. To allow the Cuban people to at last breath and fully prosper, to get on with their revolution and democracy.

This doesn’t look likely with trump, he says he wants to help Cuban people but all his showman words are cheep throw away tinsel, any rational person can see by his early appointments he isn’t going to be helping any people anywhere.

Sadly his coming into power follows just after some perhaps positive progress in a long while has just been made to dawn between Cuba and USA under Obama’s better efforts.

I wish in my heart to the Cuban people and the family of Fidel, all the best for their future, as so many of them this Sunday will be saying goodbye to their long lived audacious hero, out on his final great adventure.

As a young teen I remember my first political vows. I made them in the singular moonlight of my bedroom, looking to the greatest truth I could touch and hold, for my future world’s better promise. It was a work of art that a warm and political artist friend of my Mum and Dad had given us and I had stole it away up into my teenage cave of future dreams, in its sand glued letters the big sheet read out but two simple words and an exclamation ‘Cuba Libre !’

Antonio Carty 3rd December 2016


  1. doroteo arango December 16, 2016 9:17 am 

    As suspected, you have shown yourself to be a rather hysterical, US Today red baiter, James. The commentator, Antonio Carty though, has shown himself to be very insightful.

    These are his words….

    ”Some on the ‘left’ have been using the occasion of Fidel Castro’s death, just like the incoming trump has, to call for an end to the Cuban Revolutionary Leadership and that with these figures out of the way the Cuban People will finally be free to be free and that any on the left who admired and respected Fidel are under a double standard as he was a brutal repressive dictator.’

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      James December 16, 2016 10:44 am 

      Your suspicions are wrong Doroteo, as is Antonio in his representation of my position. I know not of this thing you call “red baiting”. The hysteria lies elsewhere.

      I do not mock Castro, sir. I question those who place him on such a pedestal and for good reason. Beware the shadow.

      “At the same time, no matter how you look at it, one-person-rule through a bureaucratic hierarchical party is dictatorship, even when, as in Cuba, the leader is in many respects benevolent.” (Michael Albert 2003)

      “Others will see the situation differently. But those who think that having the audacity to criticize dictatorship, the death penalty, and violations of political liberty more broadly is somehow casting aside radical commitment and aligning with imperialism, ought to think twice.”(Michael Albert 2003)

      • doroteo arango December 16, 2016 8:45 pm 

        You began your comments, James, by objecting to the title of this commentary about Castro. The title reads… ‘Fidel was a protector of liberty not its obstacle.’ …but you believe the exact opposite of that, in that you find that Fidel was an obstacle to liberty and not a protector of it.

        ‘Beware the shadow’…. you tell us, as you quote Moses (Michael Albert) twice to warn us against Idolatry centered on Castro! …lol…

        Well I too, just like you in fact, do not think it grand that Castro used the death penalty and also turned over power to a family member instead of allowing it to go to someone else. But when making criticisms of others from our seats in front of the computer, it is important to use context and proportionality in what we have to say.

        It so happens, to illustrate this point, that I was also listening to our Drone CIC addressing the US and blaming Russia for supposed barbarism in Syria and supposed cyber warfare on ‘ US democracy’, when I came upon your last remarks. See how context and proportionality are important in our judgements of others, James?

        • avatar
          James December 16, 2016 10:58 pm 

          Again, Doroteo, you get it wrong. The people are the protectors of liberty. Castro played a role, but he is not THE protector. You it seems, along with Antonio, immediately presume that questioning the “idolatry” of Castro must mean I believe the opposite. To me, Castro, not “Fidel”, did some good, brought the revolution, brought all sorts of things, but he was not a “protector”, he was merely doing what he thought was right according to his beliefs as a Marxist Leninist leader of “men”.

          Great, fantastic and great and fantastic that he did what he did at times to beat back the barbarians of the North, who want to rule the world.

          He was a human being and no more. He did some good, and if you and Antonio want heroes and protectors to idolise, go for your life. I don’t want them because Trump is that to many in the North, now too. . A hero and Protector. I’m not interested in the rhetoric displayed towards Trump or about Trump in the same way as I’m not interested in it surround a five decades long dictator called Castro.

          As far as the shot at me because I am like you sitting in front of a computer, that most people in the world have no access to at all, I ask for ordinary analysis of Castro and his rule, not rhetorical eulogies that really tell me nothing at all, but ask for my allegiance nonetheless.

          Michael Albert s mot moses, just another person like you and me. In the same way Castro was not a protector of liberty. He was a Marxist Leninist revolutionary fighter with ideas and beliefs who acted according to those ideas and beliefs. Nothing more.

          Write about that shit, and leave the pedestal behind.

          • doroteo arango December 17, 2016 1:28 am 

            You absolutely refuse to admit that Castro was a LEADER, and one that one can admire without making him out to be some sort of an infallible god on a pedestal, James. And instead of ever admitting that Castro was an admirable LEADER in most ways, you throw ‘the people’ (in abstract) up on a pedestal of your own making.

            ‘Again, Doroteo, you get it wrong. The people are the protectors of liberty.’

            Where did you get this supposed TRUTH from? Many times ‘the people’ in actuality are utter monsters when it comes to liberty, etc. I am not a fundamentalist Christian who believes that people are all inherently full of sin from the day they are born. But on the other hand, your posing the opposite of this as being some sort of TRUTH simply does not jive with any reality.

            ‘….Trump is that to many in the North, now too. . A hero and Protector. I’m not interested in the rhetoric displayed towards Trump or about Trump in the same way as I’m not interested in it surround a five decades long dictator called Castro.’

            You’ve made yourself totally clear, James. Castro to you is only a dictator. However, it is you who is more like Trump than Castro is.

            • avatar
              James December 17, 2016 7:57 am 

              Jesus Doroteo, is this the sort of hysteria you get into when someone merely wants an objective analysis of Castro instead of the sort of stuff that these eulogies deliver.

              For fuck sake, I merely don’t agree with the over the top stuff like Antonio writes. Settle down. I never said Castro is like Trump at all. And of course he was a leader, that’s pretty obvious, one who held his position for five decades and it’s as if without him doing that, well, Cuba would have gone to the pack. As Falk said, perhaps if he’d allowed a “more permissive approach” to things, the revolution could have been jeopardised. Also something Albert has suggested. But is that the language we use now, a “more permissive approach”? Wouldn’t want to be too “permissive”, would we? Give “the people” more democratic control over their own lives directly, and over who actually leads them, if any do. No, fuck that, the people can be “monsters”. Thank god Castro was their to protect them from themselves, their own monstrousness. He was a Marxist Leninist, a coordinator type.

              We’ll never know if Falk, Albert or others are right, will we? And by the fucking way Doroteo, I’m probably on your side of the political fence, we just won’t he having coffee together and a chinwag! But if you want to call a dictator (no matter how benevolent) a protector, a hero, a LEADER, a maximum leader, go ahead, feel free. I can’t he bothered with it all.

              Frank Fernandez wrote an anarchist history of Cuba. Sam Dolgoff wrote his history of it and Castro. Aviva Chomsky has written hers. Albert has written on Cuba as has Noam and plenty of others. We’ve all got our views. So far all I’ve said is take the maximum leader off the pedestal. I haven’t ripped into you personally as you have I, till perhaps now.

              The Albert quotes are fairly straight forward.

              You can have your hero. Your last sentence is just plain bullshit.

  2. avatar
    James December 11, 2016 3:50 am 

    The problem here is in the title.

    • doroteo arango December 16, 2016 8:01 am 

      How so, James?

      • avatar
        James December 16, 2016 9:07 am 

        Castro The Protector! Protector of liberty. Protector the the Realm. Game if thrones. Protector of the people’s democracy. People can’t protect themselves? For five decades? Or maybe they tell the Protector how he shall protect in which case the people are actually in control of the protector and therefore the real protectors of liberty and perhaps don’t even really need such a Protector. Perhaps the people deserve the praise? It’s kind of like the notion of an interventionist god…well maybe not. But I am down on one knee as I right this, head bowed. What’s it to be then John, a brunetto or a bleeding blonde?

        • doroteo arango December 16, 2016 9:20 am 

          Why shouldn’t we admire our heroes, James?

          ‘But I am down on one knee as I right this, head bowed.’

          You mock Castro, but he stood up to capitalist tyranny over his country..

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