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I’ve been so busy with my real life I haven’t had time to work on my virtual life. Been so busy meeting people and building relationships face-to-face that I haven’t had time to write about it. Golden Week vacation provided the opportunity to take the overnight ferry to Osaka and reach Kyoto for a Basic Income Seminar. I got to meet the nice author (Toru Yamamori) of Japan’s invigorating Basic Income Nyumon book. It’s the most exciting explanation I’ve read so far.

As I was working my no-sense-of-direction way around Osaka and Kyoto I ran into a bunch of friendly and helpful people. I ended up squatting with the squatters and thoroughly enjoying myself with the people protesting YatoiDome practices among national universities. I’ll have to upload some pictures  of the newspaper articles and facilities there.

Union Extasy. (Japanese but with video and pictures – funny stuff too)

Precarious University Workers Camp-in Cafe KubiKubiCafe

Eel Blog. (More video and pictures)

I got back to Miyazaki in time for a weekend of eco and forest culture events. The string of worthwhile encounters has my head full of ideas to bring the ‘urban’ish activists together with my ‘rural’-ish buddies in Miyazaki. Exciting stuff.

I had the opportunity to hear a sweet 72 year old man from the mountain village of Shiba talk about the honey bee problems, There’s no one cause – it’s a natural phenomena. I now have an opportunity to experience the mountain with nice wild boar hunters and deer trappers. Sure vegetarianism is the ideal but until the wolves come back, someone has got to eat the tree-eaters. One guy from HamaMatsu up in Shizuoka catches the Wild Boar live. Sounds like Japanese mountain Rodeo. Now there’s a way to become Japan’s Doug Peacock.

Tatsuhiko Iida writes the good books about people making use of Japan’s natural abundance in the mountain forests. These guys from the mountains were great – It would be better if there were no dams, cedar plantations shouldn’t be…. Telling it like it is. Beautiful. You could feel a Native Japanese Edward Abbey flowing through the air. (Natural Mystic)

I’m rushing this blog because I’m on my way up to Toroku (En Article) in the mountains tommorrow. More good nutritious mountain weeds to eat, Deer trapper brains to pick and background on the arsenic pollution court case to study.




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