Fleeing the Truth

I don’t usually comment on US elections, but it has been interesting, if a little sickening, to observe the rapidity with which Obama attempts to distance himself from the observations of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Apparently any suggestion that US foreign policy might have something to do with 9/11or that the bible doesn’t condone the US government slaughtering whoever it wants, is not vote worthy.  In short the truth is not vote worthy.

To do the people of the US justice I’d like to think that if they realised that this were the truth it might be vote worthy, but most apparently do not.  And of those that do rather less can rouse themselves sufficiently to do anything about it.  This is, I believe, is also true of many other Western nations, where our governments and media unceasingly tell us what matters, what we should concern ourselves with and what we should devote our time to.  The truth seldom gets look in because the truth does not serve the purposes of the rich and powerful.  And that, I presume, is the real problem for Obama and the other electorally ambitious.  If they abandon the tenets of the rich and powerful they’ll be dropped like stones and buried.

These rich and powerful people who uphold our governments are the only ones who benefit from the policies of exploitation backed by war.  They gain more wealth and more power.  Quite why they want more wealth and power, and quite what good they think it will do them when they come face to face with God, is beyond me.

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