Forbes spreads lie about Snowden.

I wouldn’t usually write to an outlet like Forbes but the way Rick Ungar lied about Edward Snowden was quite wretched even by the standards of the corporate press. Ungar completely fabricated a quote- “all spying is wrong” – and attributed it to Snowden. His editors let it stand. Ungar recently updated his article claiming that the quote he made up was an “interpretation”.


My emails to Forbes follow.



Dear Forbes editors.


Snowden did not say that "All spying is wrong" in the Guardian's live chat. That was a fabrication of Rick Unger's and it should not be left to stand.


See email below.


Joe Emersberger




RE: Edward Snowden Blows It



Hi Rick,

You wrote that


“Snowden declared, during a live chat with the Guardian on Monday, that he believes that ‘all spying is wrong.’”


I’ve gone over that chat and not found those words anywhere. Snowden made it very clear that he is against spying that ensnares innocent people and that is done without the public being able to lay sensible ground rules to prevent abuse.


You should provide the exact quote you are referring to from that chat

or withdraw this statement. It is an appalling distortion of what Snowden said.


You make much of Snowden not being elected. Neither is Forbes, the New York Time, the Washington Post, or the Guardian.


You should be actively campaigning to have the first amendment protection of the UNELECTED press abolished if you really believe that only elected people, or those appointed by them, should disclose information that the White House does not want disclosed.


Joe Emersberger



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