Francisco Toro and other Chavez opponents want Venezuela’s October 7 elections annulled

Francisco Toro and other Chavez opponents want Venezuela's October 7 elections annulled
This post by Toro, a favorite of the Chavez bashing international press, has to be read to be believed. Chavez may be too sick to be sworn in on January 10, so Toro concludes

"fresh elections must be held no later than Saturday, February 9th"
If Chavez dies, resigns or becomes too ill to carry on as president within the next four years then Toro et al would have a rock solid case for new elections.  However there is nothing in the Venezuelan constitution that says if Chavez is too ill to be sworn in on a specific day that new elections must be held. And note, Chavez was just elected to a six year term. That is worth repeating. Chavez was just elected to a six year term – not a six day term in which case missing the inaugural ceremony might be reasonable grounds for new elections.

Toro claims that Chavez agrees with him on this issue. Really? Did Chavez ever say "if I'm too ill to be at a ceremony on January 10, new elections must be held"? Absolutely not, but that is the quote Toro would need to truthfully say that Chavez agrees with this nonsense.

What are the odds anyone in the international press – say the Guardian’s Caracas based correspondents – will mock the rubbish that sectors of the opposition are spewing?

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