Free “Daily rapid ‘Contagious’ tests have enormous potential to sever transmission chains”, making possible a truly safe and unrestricted society again. They are ready to mass produce now.

Free daily home testing for the contagious form of the virus, by mass producing these simple, cheap, self administered, non invasive and quick test strips, this is a ready to go solution, that will save lives and restore society and all we can produce, by shining an inescapable light on this virus at root, in every home each day.

We’re only waiting for governments with the ambition and care of our welfare to initiate extraordinary state production to mass produce this solution quickly and effectively for our common good, materials this test requires are not in anyway limited, its mass production can be unlimited, the lives and money it will save by ending the pandemic and fully reopening society reliably enough, for even the elderly and vulnerable as well, will make its mass production for free to all for our simple daily home use, obviously worth the constructive effort.

If you agree, ask government for it, spread the word, we need this pandemic to end now, we need our surrender to it to end, not by irresponsibly ignoring it and not by just waiting for a maybe possible future vaccine or cure, we need to shut the pandemic down in a really effective, proactive and simple way for everyone, so we can reopen our society and lives and get back to solving all the other problems that continue to mount.

Governments only ever evolve through critique, when has blind unquestioning faith ever prompted the best results? We must be responsible for each other and our future, until there’s a solution, wear masks to limit spread, but lets also take action to shut the pandemic spread down now with simple universal free daily testing for only the contagious form of the virus, as a first and most effective wall of defence, lets shine a light on the virus each day, so it has no safe host from which to spread, lets beat it, the test works and is ready for unlimited production.

Here in Ireland the Irish government is working with science, but just to manage the slowing down of what they see as our inevitable absorption of the virus, but why follow this medieval plague scenario, when science also tells us we can shut and starve the virus out? Disintegration is not the best answer. Lets demand governments make the effort to achieve this proper solution using science. So society and health safety can return for all of us, not just the strongest and fittest. With the Irish governments present ‘plan’ we are quietly abandoning the elderly and vulnerable to either a self imprisonment of ‘Cocooning’ for their remaining years or they just get on with risking their life & death running the gauntlet with the virus each day. Science can cure disease but it also designed the gas chambers, it is up to us to demand the best solutions for us all from the real possibilities of science.

-best wishes Antonio

(When people where able to be together freely without the responsible need for masks and restrictions, at Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, March 17th 2016 – by Antonio Carty)

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