Free Palestine? From What?

To a Young American Friend.

Ok, my young friend. Try this on for starters:

Free the Palestinians from the Israelis stealing their land.

Free them from the I’s stealing their water. (NB: look up ‘aquifers’)

Free them from roads they cannot travel dicing up their earth.

Free them from cantonisation.

Free them from Bantustans.

From The Wall.

Free them from checkpoints.(pregnant women made to wait in queues until they have their babies in the gutter or in the backs of taxis; some die)

Free them from never knowing how long it will take to travel even a few miles. A journey that in the US or the UK would take 10 minutes will take 10 hours while soldiers (pretend to) check documents.

Free them to go to kindergarten

To school.

To university.


Free them to travel abroad to study.

Free nice 35 year old Palestinian journalists from being screamed at and threatened like dogs by 18 year old squaddies for walking a visiting Englishman – me – and his wife ‘the wrong way’ down a street.

Free 166,000 of them from a few ‘settlers’ backed up by hundreds of IDF troops (Hebron, seen with my own eyes); the whole centre of town closed, the businesses of hundreds of traders destroyed and human shit, nappies and cigarettes being chucked by mad religious jews onto the heads of the few shoppers left, the sad-faced old merchants and kids.

Free them from bombing

Free them from bunker-busters.

Free them from cluster bombs.

Free them from white phosphorus.

And depleted Uranium.

Free them from F16’s.

Free them from F14’s.

Free them from drones.

Free them from Apaches.

And Black Hawks.

And Blackwater.

Free them from AWACS.

Free them from Bush.

Free them from ‘Condie’.

And Tony Blair.

And Obama, too, almost certainly.

And Raum Emmanuel and his racist dad.

Free them from US vetoes.

Free them from Israeli closures.

Free them from EU boycotts.

Free them from embargoes.

And tunnels.

Free them from utter Western hypocrisy about ‘democracy’.

Free them from invasions.

And incursions.

And overflights.

And night-time sonic booms.

Free them from all the European countries that sit on their hands .

Free them from all the Arab countries that sit on their hands.

Free them from crocodile tears.

And promises.

And the Egyptians.

From know-nothing bloggers from Arkansas.

From Hillbillies. And hicks.

From torture.

And hooding

And waterboarding.

And stress positions.

From Republicans.


The Senate.




Hannity AND Colmes.

Alan Dershowitz.

Free them from humiliations.

And demolitions.

From beatings.

From tear-gas.

From rubber bullets.

From Caterpillars (cf: Rachel Corrie)

Free them from arbitrary arrest.

Free their MP’s.

Free their minors.

Free the many thousands imprisoned without trial.

Free them from kidnap.

From ‘aid’

And loans.

And pity.

But most of all,

Free them from the Ugly State of America.




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