A bird they say
A bird ask I

Democracy they say
Democracy NOW! urge I

Personal liberty, unfettered growth they say
For all or for some, who determines wonder I

Break through all obstacles they say
Not all limitations are evil experience I

Pursue your dream single mindedly they say
For whom but yourself do you dream? Curious am I

Change we can believe in they say
Great marketing campaign dazzles not I

The information age they say
The manufacture of consent observe I

War on terror they say
Wars of state sanctioned terror oppose I

Resource rich they say
Sacred people sacred land hands off say I

Free markets solutions they say
Disaster pending fear I

Crazy they say
Thank fuck that am I

Hopeless they say
Great opportunity see I

Atomized and disempowered they say
Ancient of land and galaxy warn I

Apathetic and selfish they say
Awaiting the right moment think I

Delusions of grandeur they say
Neo-radical pray I

The children are our future they say
The future is NOW say I

Apocolypse pending they say
Victory is assured says my and your larger "I"

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