Funds? Yes!

Thanks for sending this. This is the first I knew about a fundraiser. I haven't received anything in the mail or email, although I do need to look through an October issue of Z (is it out? I was out of the country). I was even on my Zspace last night and didn't see anything about a fundraiser. As a sustainer and occasional donor, I wonder whether others haven't received the message. Will get organized and send some $$. Of course you are needed and important, now more than ever (love that Jack Rasmus explains it all for you stuff). Of course the economy is affecting you and everyone not involved in criminal financial activity.

There's currently a grand jury investigation of people in Western Washington that is putting a chilling effect on protest and resistance here. Keep daylighting the secrets, analyze the tangles and offer a vision of a world where justice and peace are priorities. Thanks for all your tireless work,

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