Gaddafi was shot, beaten, and sodomized before being killed and buried in unmarked grave

NATO's racist torturers waste no time torturing Gaddafi

It is bad enough that the UN mandate the US pushed for and used to wage war in Libya called for "rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian assistance" yet not only did the Wall Street Journal quote "rebels" in Sirte as saying "We have to make sure that no supplies get in . . ." but Time noted two weeks ago:

The International Red Cross, meanwhile, delivered medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to civilians in Sirte amid rapidly deteriorating conditions.

Dibeh Fakhr, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said two trucks entered Sirte and distributed the goods, which included baby milk, hygiene kits, diapers and clean drinking water.

It was the ICRC's third successful foray into the Mediterranean coastal city since Saturday, but the first time aid workers reached the main hospital.

They didn't bother to mention how the rebels violated the UN mandate by blocking the ICRC. Maybe because nearly three weeks before the above article Time published another one on the siege of Sirte where a "rebel" commented on the "civilians" they didn't want supplies to reach:

Ali Faraj, a medical statistician who now drives a Katyusha rocket truck, estimated the fight could take days. "Sirt is a big city and everyone likes Gaddafi there," he said. "There are no revolutionaries inside."

And it's not just Sirte. In one of the few references in the Western press to the massive pro-Gaddafi rally in early July, though without commenting on the size of the demonstration, Time noted that:

Crowds of people converged on the seafront to move toward Martyrs' Square in the heart of the capital, where only two months ago Gaddafi's supporters held demonstrations in support of the dictatorship.

But Time has shown to be inconsistent in their coverage. In one account they acknowledge that,

NATO warplanes have flown about 26,000 sorties, including over 9,600 strike missions. They destroyed Libya's air defenses and over 1,000 tanks, vehicles and guns, as well as Gadhafi's command and control networks.

The daily airstrikes finally broke the stalemate that developed after Gadhafi's initial attempts failed to crush the rebellion that broke out in February. In August, the rebels began advancing on Tripoli, with the NATO warplanes providing close air support and destroying any attempts by the defenders to block them.

But in another account they attribute the success of "liberating" Tripoli to the "rebels" with the comment that, "Libya's rebels smashed through the fortified perimeter of Gaddafi's compound in western Tripoli — the nerve center of the old regime — sending huge plumes of smoke over the city. Gaddafi and his loyalists fled."

That the US and its NATO allies pushed for a UN resolution only to violate it—by rejecting dozens of cease fire offers, attacking civilians, and blocking the delivery of aid—and illegally overthrow a popular government is bad enough, but apparently when Gaddafi was "captured" (NATO bombed his convoy and his body was found, alive and unarmed, in a ditch) he was shot, beaten, and sodomized. In the video that went viral you clearly see a "rebel" sticking something up his ass as a form of torture, while his captors shout "God is great!", and before being killed and secretly buried in an unmarked grave so as to prevent his grave from becoming a "shrine."

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