Get Educated, Get Organized, Get Active!

There are plenty of slogans for the Left:

think globally, act locally

No justice, no peace/Know justice, know peace

But today I read this conversation on another message board:

you dont need wepons… it dosnt matter what or how big the governments arsenal is .. because the people are the government.. do you realy think that your own government will start killing 50 mill. americans on the move ? if they do .. your country will collapse and then you can start a propper government, that follows your own laws .. that dont lie to its own people and it allies

this was the reponse:

then how how do you propose we put the power back in our hands?

I felt obligated to chime in:

participation; cooperation; democratization

there are many social movements going on in this country and they need peoples support and help to blossom

thats how we take power into our hands.


1) get educated – we know what is going on, how things work, what our goals and values are. then we…

2) get organized – we find like-minded people in our communities; we link groups together so what one group in one part of the city knows what is going on with another in another part of the city, state, country, globe. im talking about solidarity. then we…

3) get active – we participate in social, political and economic affairs where there are openings and push for non-reformist reforms (meaning open-ended reforms that leave room for more transformational change). where there is not an opening we pressure for that opening, again in a non-reformist reformation.

That has been my slogan for awhile now: Get Educated, Get Organized, Get Active!

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