Global Minga solidarity statements

These community statements are from locals who share their experiences, knowledge, and concerns, for the Global Minga week of action.  Most of the speakers draw from international backgrounds (including family abroad) –

A Minga is a community mobilization, and the 2010 Minga had major connections with calls for climate justice.  Here is a version of the global action call-out. Some action reposts are posted here.

We called our local gas station protest as a "party at the pumps," and we called our combined rallies an "alternative Thanksgiving." We were "rallying for clean air, drinkable water, and fertile land".

On this page there are links to a local protest video, to photos, and to other rally material.

I recorded and edited the audio statements, and the photos also are from me.

The statements that I made before and during our October 12th mobilizing aren't posted anywhere.  (I wasn't about to record a statement from myself, after the fact, and I don't know what happened with the press interviews that others recorded over the phone.)

The closest thing to a typed statement from me is these words, which I put in my mouth in our press release –
"Today’s events are held on ‘Columbus’ Day to call for an end to centuries of devastating injustices in the Americas, and across the world, where indigenous peoples are on the front-lines of climate change impacts, fossil fuel industries, and mining operations. We will not stand for these injustices, and we are asking everyone to join us as we try to make or preserve liveable environments, for all people. Our local event is part of a much wider call for that positive change."

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