Going to Honduras – The new left enters a new war

Tomorrow I will be in Honduras. I have been following the news on TeleSurTV and narco news and see the need for international support. I’m not going for the sake of the President Zelaya, I’m going for the battle to control of Latin America the most important front in creating a new world.

I have been following Latin America for the last five years and living in various parts of the continent. An intent observer and student of the processes taking place to create change. The creation of the ALBA and PetroCaribe, the coup in 2002 in Venezuela, the racist attacks on Morales supporters in Bolivia and more recently the election of Fernando Lugo and Funes in Paraguay and El Salvador respectively. These are just a few of pivotal events at the international level that have helped me understand and some that have given me hope for a new world. The battle to create a new economic model which some are calling 21st century socialism is well under way. So far the governments that have taken these measures have only risen in popularity and despite being in it’s birthing stages the debate about how to get beyond capitalism has been reawoken. This new wave has been able to overcome hundreds of attacks by right wing media and the subversion of the CIA using NGO’s and the terrorists who were instrumental in the wars and dictatorships in the 70’s and 80’s.

Zelaya is far from a revolutionary figure but the attack on Honduras is an attack against the ALBA from which Honduras immediately withdrew upon the instalation of it’s defacto dictator. Honduran TV is dedicating itself to damaging the reputation of President Chavez and all it’s ally nations creating an alternaive for Latin America and the world which doesn’t depend on American and European hegemony. Zelaya along with the constitution must be defended or El Salvador will be next. The strategy to isolate Venezuela continues.

It’s time for those of us who wish to see a new world to stand up. Social movements all over the world are under attack. This strategy isn’t about Honduras it’s about eliminating alternatives to capitalism and new poles of political power.

I’m going to Honduras. Hopefully I will be able to communicate with you all about it soon. I hope you join me along with the people of Latin America in standing up to this attack.

Together we can defeat this dictatorship and return power to the people in Honduras.

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