Goodbye socialism, welcome back good old fascism

The European settlers in Australia used to shoot the native people as a sport, now they use them as zoological parks to study human evolution. Most of the Indian Army spends its time by shooting Kashmiri separatists. The Indian nation has made fighting Islamic terrorists its main national agenda just as the U.S. has been figting all the Islamic terrorists it created and is creating in Afganistan. Pakistanis have gone one step further than the Indians by allowing U.S. troops to shoot their own people in the North West frontier province. But it is difficult to blame them, since the U.S. doesn't ask for their permission. India is proud that unlike Pakistan it does not allow other countries to bomb its own minorities and that it does an adequate job by itself, especially the minorities in the North East and the jungles of Orissa.

The good old English have been busy fighting Irish separatists in Northern Ireland. Of course, you might wonder what are the English doing in the Irish Island, or for that matter in Scotland or even Wales. They are busy maintaining law and order in those places. By law and order what they mean is that these places should be free to buy English and U.S. commercial goods so that London and New York can grow richer and richer.

As an old colonial power, England has always been very sympathetic to India, that is why, when the Kargil war broke out between India and Pakistan, they waited for the war to finish and then the English foreign minister made a visit to both the countries, and quickly sold them enough war planes, to ensure that no other country could sell them the planes before them. Timing is the essence of business. Having divided Indian Union into Hindu India, Islamic Pakistan and Buddhist Sri Lanka, it is also necessary maintian law and order in these places, that is were the U.S. would like to come in.

Recently the Sri Lanka has come under the umbrella of Yellow Chinese peril, the fast growing neo-fascist of the east. The U.S. goverment, the biggest human rights violator of the world has questioned the killing and subordination of the Tamils in the North and East. The U.S. has been trying to prop-up India as a counter weight against the Chinese. The CIA also has been busy working over-time to say that Indian economy will grow to out-pace China in the near future. All these manuevers are to bring India closer to the U.S. imperialist axis.

For a long time the U.S. business houses has been supporting the butchering and gassing of the Jews in Europe by funding Hitler. They also tried to stop mass migration of Jews into the U.S. Eventually the English and the U.S. dumped the Jews into Israel and created Israel. These Jewish refugees have been acting as main front of U.S. imperialism in the middle east. Of course, the U.S. will treat Israel as a pariah state if it becomes hurdle to further progress for its imperialism, just like Saddam Hussain of Iraq was.

Old imperialst powers like the U.K., U.S., Russia and the neo-fascists like China and India will slowly engulf the South Asia into a paradaise for fasists and imperialists. With his highness Narendra Modi waiting in the wings to become the next Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, despite his World Bank credentials and his complete servility to U.S. business interests will look like socialist, a word that U.S. would like to hate to hear, especially in the coolie countries of the east.

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